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1. Case Report of China/Tianjin's First Novel Coronavirus Variant Omicron

Haibai Sun; Hongjie Li; Shuping Huang; Lixia Shi; Zhiyan Xing; Jun Shen

Volume 19, Issue 1 , Winter 2022, , Pages 115-120


  COVID-19 is a new acute respiratory infectious disease caused by a novel Coronavirus (2019-COV-2) infection. On November 26, 2021, the World Health Organization announced a new 2019-COV-2 variant strain Omicron (B.1.1.529). Omicron's emergence added further uncertainty to the outbreak. Here we report ...  Read More

2. More Evidence of the Link of Interleukin-6 and Interleukin-10 with Critical COVID-19: A Report in Mexican Patients

German Reynaldo Jiménez-Gastélum; Arely Monserrant Espinoza-Ortega; Rosalío Ramos-Payán; Maribel Aguilar-Medina; Jorge López-Gutiérrez; Carlos Villegas-Mercado; Luis Antonio Ochoa-Ramirez; Horacio Rendón-Aguilar; Juan Fidel Osuna-Ramos; Juan José Ríos-Tostado; Jesús Salvador Velarde-Félix

Volume 18, Issue 4 , Autumn 2021, , Pages 331-337


  Background: According to the World Health Organization, Mexico presents one of the highest mortality rates due to coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). The "cytokine storm" phenomenon has been proposed as a pathological hallmark of severe COVID-19. Objective: To determine the association of serum cytokine ...  Read More

3. The role and delicate balance of Host Immunity in Coronavirus Disease-19

Ashish Kumar Vyas; Vishwanath Varma; Garima Garg; Priyal Gupta; Nirupma Trehanpati

Volume 18, Issue 1 , Winter 2021, , Pages 1-12


  Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) associated with SARS-CoV-2, causes a severe form of the respiratory illness known as Coronavirus Disease-19 (COVID-19). COVID-19 has emerged as a worldwide pandemic with a high number of fatalities. Approximately 112,654,202 people have been infected so far with ...  Read More

4. Serological and Molecular Tests for COVID-19: a recent update

Amir Hossein Mansourabadi; Mona Sadeghalvad; Hamid-Reza Mohammadimotlagh; Aliakbar Amirzargar

Volume 18, Issue 1 , Winter 2021, , Pages 13-33


  The COVID-19 pandemic is probably the most devastating worldwide challenge in recent century. COVID-19 leads to a mild to severe respiratory disease and affects different organs and has become a global concern since December 2019. Meanwhile, molecular biology and diagnostic laboratories played an essential ...  Read More

5. Cytokine profiling in Iranian patients with COVID-19; association with clinical severity

Saeid Taghiloo; Mohsen Soltanshahi; Masoud Aliyali; Siavash Abedi; Hossein Mehravaran; Abolghasem Ajami; Hossein Asgarian-Omran

Volume 18, Issue 1 , Winter 2021, , Pages 54-64


  Background: SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), is recognized for the first time in Wuhan, China. The cytokine storm is a known factor causing major clinical symptoms leading to death in COVID-19 patients. Objective: To investigate and compare the serum levels of ...  Read More

6. Prevalence of Anti-SARS-CoV-2 Specific Antibodies in Health-Care Workers Compared to General Population during an Early Phase of the Pandemic, Tehran-Iran

Sahar Mortezagholi; Davood Rostamzadeh; Maedeh Alinejad; Vahid Younesi; Payam Tabarsi; Mahdi Shabani

Volume 18, Issue 1 , Winter 2021, , Pages 82-92


  Background: Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) rapidly transmits in general population, mainly between health-care workers (HCWs) who are in close contact with patients. Objective: To study the seropositivity of HCWs as a high-risk group compared to general population. Methods: ...  Read More