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The Iranian Journal of Immunology (I.J.I) is an internationally disseminated peer-reviewed publication and publishes a broad range of experimental and theoretical studies concerned with all aspects of immunology.

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The Journal will welcome original and review articles on basic and clinical Immunology, Immunogenetics, Transplantation Immunology, Immunohematology, Cancer Immunology, and Allergy. The Journal will also welcome short papers and letters to the Editor.

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Current Issue: Volume 16, Issue 2, Spring 2019, Pages 97-189 

Review Article

1. Pathogenesis of Atopic Dermatitis: Current Paradigm

Pages 97-107

Masutaka Furue; Dugarmaa Ulzii; Yen Vu; Gaku Tsuji; Makiko Kido-Nakahara; Takeshi Nakahara

Original Article

2. Correlation of 4-1BBL+ B Cells in Tumor Draining Lymph Nodes with Pathological Characteristics of Breast Cancer

Pages 108-116

Mohsen Arabpour; Atri Ghods; Mahmoud Shariat; Abodl-Rasoul Talei; Fereshteh Mehdipour; Abbas Ghaderi

3. Cell Density Counts of the Intestinal Intraepithelial Lymphocytes in the Celiac Patients

Pages 117-126

Hadi Hossein-Nataj; Mohsen Masjedi; Mohammad Hassan Emami; Mojgan Mokhtari; Fereshteh Alsahebfosoul

4. GPI-Anchored Fibromodulin as a Novel Target in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Implications

Pages 127-141

Lia Farahi; Fatemeh Ghaemimanesh; Saeideh Milani; Seyed Mohsen Razavi; Reza Hadavi; Ali Ahmad Bayat; Ali Salimi; Mohammad Mehdi Akhondi; Hodjattallah Rabbani

5. CD93 is Selectively Expressed on Human Myeloma Cells but Not on B Lymphocytes

Pages 142-150

Shohreh Fakhari; Hamed Bashiri; Bayazid Ghaderi; Kaveh Tari; Ali Jalili

6. Serum and Peritoneal Fluid Cytokine Profiles in Infertile Women with Endometriosis

Pages 151-162

Majid Tarokh; Marefat Ghaffari Novin; Tahereh Poordast; Zohreh Tavana; Hamid Nazarian; Mohsen Norouzian; Behrouz Gharesi-Fard

7. Evaluation of Exhausted Regulatory T Cells in Preeclampsia

Pages 163-169

Nahid Daraei; Mehri Ghafourian; Ata Ghadiri; Afshin Amari; Mahin Najafian; Saber Rokhafrooz

9. Roles of Dermcidin, Salusin-α, Salusin-β and TNF-α in the Pathogenesis of Human Brucellosis

Pages 182-189

Ayşe Sağmak Tartar; Şafak Ozer Balın; Ayhan Akbulut; Meltem Yardım; Suleyman Aydın

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