Document Type : Original Article


1 Mycology Research Centre, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Tehran University

2 Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Tehran University

3 Department of Epidemiology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran


Background: Herbal medicines have been used since ancient times for treatment of a range of diseases and have represented stimulatory effects on the function of innate immunity.
Objective: To evaluate the effects of Zataria multiflora (Z. multiflora) on
the function of innate immunity including phagocytic activity and TNF-α secretion in animal model.
Methods: Eight BALB/c mice were divided into two equal groups. In
group A, Z. multiflora essence was injected intraperitoneally to the mice, in group B, distilled water was injected. Blood was obtained from 4 mice in each group, 4 and 7 days following injection. The amounts of phagocytosis (respiratory burst) and TNF-α secretion were assessed by chemiluminescence and ELISA method, respectively.
Significant increase in phagocytosis and TNF-α secretion was observed in group A compared with the control group at days 4 and 7.
Z. multiflora essence can remarkably stimulate innate immunity function and it may be used to immunize individuals alone or in combination with other immunostimulatory agents.