Document Type: Original Article


Department of immunology, Iran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran


Background: The incidence of allergic and asthmatic diseases has been continuously increased in both industrial and developing countries. Extracts from various known allergens are used for the diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.
Objective: To investigate the effects of an extract prepared from Chenopodium album (Ch.A.) pollen to induce allergic asthma in BALB/C mice.
Methods: BALB/C mice were sensitized by i.p. injection of Ch.A. extract and alum, and an intratracheal instillation of the extract. The bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) fluids were obtained by cannulating the trachea and lavaging the lungs and examined for eosinophilia. Splenocytes were incubated with Ch.A. extract and cell supernatants were examined for IL-4 and IL-5 by ELISA.
Results: We demonstrated that Ch.A. extract treatment in mice increased serum levels of specific IgE and production of IL-4 and IL-5 from splenocytes. An airway eosinophilia was also demonstrated in mice.
Conclusion: These results suggest that Ch.A. allergen extract is a potential agent in inducing characteristics of allergic asthma in a mouse model useful in investigational studies.