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1. CTL Responses to DCs Stimulated with Leishmania Antigens Detected by DCs Expressing Leishmania gp63

Hossein Rezvan; Ali Khodadadi; Selman Ali

Volume 11, Issue 2 , Spring 2014, , Pages 65-73

  Background: Leishmania is a pathogenic parasite which infects mononuclear cells in vertebrate hosts. Different strategies have been taken to develop immunity against Leishmania . DCs loaded with immunogenic antigen have resulted in different levels of Th1-type immune response and cytotoxic T lymphocytes ...  Read More

2. Increase of CD69, CD161 and CD94 on NK Cells in Women with Recurrent Spontaneous Abortion and in Vitro Fertilization Failure

Mehri Ghafourian; Najmeh Karami; Ali Khodadadi; Roshan Nikbakhat

Volume 11, Issue 2 , Spring 2014, , Pages 84-96

  Background: Recurrent spontaneous abortion (RSA) and in vitro fertilization (IVF) failure with unknown causes are the controversial issues that are probably related to the immune system. Objective: To compare circulating NK cells expressing activation and inhibition surface markers between patients with ...  Read More

3. Concomitant Increase of OX40 and FOXP3 Transcripts in Peripheral Blood of Patients with Breast Cancer

Maryam Hamidinia; Mehri Ghafourian Boroujernia; Abdolhassan Talaiezadeh; Ghasem Solgi; Maryam Taghdiri; Ali Khodadadi

Volume 10, Issue 1 , Winter 2013, , Pages 22-30

  Background: Regulatory T cells (T-regs) have an important role in cancer by suppression of protective antitumor immune responses. Regulatory T cells express the forkhead/winged helix transcription factor (FOXP3) and OX40 molecules which have important regulatory roles in the immune system. Objective: ...  Read More