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Original Article
1. Interleukin-17A and Interleukin-17F mRNA Expressions in Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells of Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

Zohreh Babaloo; Farhad Babaie; Mehdi Farhoodi; Mohammadreza Aliparasti; Behzad Baradaran; Shohreh Almasi; Ahmad Hosseini

Volume 7, Issue 4 , Autumn 2010, Pages 1-1

  Bakground: Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a CD4+ T cell-mediated autoimmune disease affecting the central nervous system (CNS). It was previously believed that Th1 cells were pathogenic T cells in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE). However, the functional role of Th1 cells in EAE has been reconsidered ...  Read More

Original Article
2. The Effect of Cationic Liposomes Encapsulating pcDNA3.1+PA Plasmids on Humoral Immune Response in Mice

Fatemeh Vahedi; Mahmoud Reza Jaafari; Mahmoud Mahmoudi

Volume 7, Issue 4 , Autumn 2010, Pages 210-216

  Background: DNA vaccines are third generation vaccines which have made promises to combat infectious diseases. Cationic liposomes are used as effective delivery systems for DNA vaccines to generate stronger immunity. Objective: Encapsulation of pcDNA3.1+PA plasmid, encoding protective antigen (PA) of ...  Read More

Original Article
3. The Influence of Immunosuppressive Drugs on Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Production in Relation to VEGF - 1154 G and -2578 C Genotypes

Mojgan Mohammadi; Philip J.R. Day

Volume 7, Issue 4 , Autumn 2010, Pages 217-225

  Background: The pathogenesis of many diseases is correlated to irregularity in vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) expression. Results from several association studies show that variation in the level of VEGF expression is related to polymorphic sequences within the VEGF gene. Additionally, there ...  Read More

Original Article
4. Receptor Activator of Nuclear Factor Kappa B Ligand (RANKL) Levels in Peri-Implant Crevicular Fluid

Fatemeh Sarlati; Mandana Sattari; Ali Ghorbani Gazar; Ali Nabavizadeh Rafsenjani

Volume 7, Issue 4 , Autumn 2010, Pages 226-233

  Background: Receptor activator of nuclear factor kappa B ligand (RANKL) is one of the key cytokines in the induction of osteoclastogenesis both in vitro and in vivo.Several reports indicated the presence of sRANKL in gingival crevicular fluid of patients with periodontal diseases. Objective: To determine ...  Read More

Original Article
5. Hypersensitivity to House Dust Mite and Cockroach Is the Most Common Allergy in North of Iran

Javad Ghaffari; Mohammad KHademloo; Mohammadjafar Saffar; Alireza Rafiei; Farzad Masiha

Volume 7, Issue 4 , Autumn 2010, Pages 234-239

  Background: Asthma and allergic rhinitis are among the most common diseases in the world. Objective: The aim of this study was to detect, by skin prick test, aeroallergens in allergic patients in Sari, Mazandaran in north of Iran. Methods: This is a prospective study of skin prick test of aeroallergens ...  Read More

Original Article
6. Level of Interferon Gamma in the Blood of Tuberculosis Patients

Shahid Hussain; Nadeem Afzal; Khursheed Javaid; Muhammad Ikram Ullah; Tanveer Ahmad; Saleem-Uz -Zaman

Volume 7, Issue 4 , Autumn 2010, Pages 240-246

  Background: Interferon gamma (IFN-γ), a cytokine produced by a variety of cells is involved in the immune response against M. tuberculosis. It activates the production of other cytokines and molecules that kill mycobacterium. IFN-γ also has diagnostic role in identification of active and ...  Read More

Short Paper
7. Effect of captopril on TNF-α and IL-10 in the livers of Bile Duct ligated Rats

Keyvan AMirshahrokhi; Mahmoud Ghazi-khansari; Ahmad Mohammadi-Farani; Golnar Karimian

Volume 7, Issue 4 , Autumn 2010, Pages 247-251

  Background: The renin-angiotensin system has an important role in hepatic inflammation and fibrosis. Renin-angiotensin system blockade by angiotensinconverting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors provides some protective effects against hepatic fibrogenesis. Captopril as an ACE inhibitor can decrease inflammatory ...  Read More

Short Paper
8. Human Leukocyte Antigen B27 in 453 Asian Indian Patients with Seronegative Spondyloarthropathy

Mahendra Narain Mishra; Vinay Singai

Volume 7, Issue 4 , Autumn 2010, Pages 252-256

  Background: Spondyloarthropathies are a group of closely related inflammatory arthritis which involve the axial skeleton and are negative for rheumatoid factor. Objective: This case-control study was conducted to examine HLA- B27 positivity in patients with seronegative spondyloarthritis (SSA) as per ...  Read More